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Child Tax Credit

It is really common for people to presume they are not entitled to benefits over and above the child benefit payment that everybody is allowed.

However this is not always the case. Indeed the majority of UK families are eligible for additional financial assistance.

The main misunderstood one is Child Tax Credits from the Government.

This is a tax free income for households with children made up of various elements each worth a different amount. They are means tested based on your individual circumstances.

You can claim Child Tax Credits whether you are working or not working and you may receive extra if your child has a disability.

Working Tax Credit-Childcare Element

You may be able to get Tax Credits to help with the cost of childcare while you are working.

You need to be working a minimum of 16 hours a week although you may qualify if you were working the same amount prior to going on maternity leave.

You can claim up to 70 percent of your childcare fees.

What type of childcare qualifies?

They must be a Government registered or approved childcare provider.

Child Benefit

Once your baby is born you are able to claim Child Benefit which is the only State benefit that is given to all families in the UK regardless of your individual circumstances.