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EYFS Curriculum
Special needs

EYFS Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Foundation Phase is a framework for children’s learning

from 3-7 years.

It includes all learning building upon and expanding previous

learning experiences, knowledge and skills of the child.

Education provided focuses on what the child can do putting

the child at the centre of learning.

At this stage the foundations for all subsequent learning are


The Foundation Phase Curriculum underpins all learning by

supporting, fostering, promoting, consolidating and developing

children’s skills in the following areas of learning:

  • Personal, social development, well being and cultural diversity
  • Language , literacy and communication skills
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

And through development of skills across the curriculum:

  • Thinking skills-planning, developing and reflecting
  • Communication skills
  • ICT
  • Numbers

We provide an enhanced learning environment using both the indoors and outdoors with a variety of resources. Staff are trained in providing the foundation phase curriculum and work providing focused tasks.

The children are observed and assessed whilst working on their own, in pairs and as part of a group.

We use the following methods for assessing the children-

  • Baseline assessment
  • Continuous assessment
  • Focused assessment
  • (FPP's.) Foundation phase planning.
  • Annual reports are provided to parents with a copy sent to their school on leaving.