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Settling in
Equal opportunity
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Equal Opportunity

At Wriggles and Giggles we believe that the nursery should be open to all children and families.

We work with all relevant legislation including Disabled Persons Act 1958 and 1986, Race Relations Act 1976 Sex Discrimination Act 1986 and the Children Act 1989.


The nursery will appoint the best person for the job.


All families will have access to the Equal Opportunities Policy.

The Curriculum

All children at the nursery will be valued and respected for their uniqueness and supported to reach their potential .

All activities and the use of play equipment enables each child the chance to grow in surroundings free from discrimination and unfairness.

Special Needs

Wriggles and Giggles ensures that all senior staff have an awareness of the Special Needs Code of Practice.

Staff will ensure wherever possible that children with special needs have access to facilities, activities, and play opportunities alongside others in the nursery including trips and outings and special events.


All resources are selected to provide all children with an understanding of a multi racial society


We aim to recognise all festivals celebrated in our area or by the children in the nursery.

If you and your child celebrate a particular festival and would like to bring something in to demonstrate this, or would like to add to our celebrations then please contact a member of staff. We will accommodate as best we can.


The main language spoken in the nursery is English however we do introduce Welsh words on a daily basis, and intend to add some Welsh songs to our song times. Becky is fairly fluent in basic Welsh and is integrating it into our every day activities in all rooms. Bilingual children and adults are a benefit to the nursery and will be valued and respected.


Medical, cultural and dietary needs will be met.