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Exclusion Periods

Exclusion Periods

This page lists minimum exclusion periods

  • If antibiotics prescribed: First 3 days at home
  • Vomiting: At least 48 hours from last bout of sickness until completely recovered
  • Conjunctivitis: 3 days from first treatment at home with prescribed medication
  • Diarrhoea: 48 hrs from last bout of illness
  • Chickenpox: 7 days from appearance of rash
  • Gastroenteritis: until completely recovered
  • Infective hepatitis: 7 days from onset of jaundice
  • Measles: 7 days from appearance of rash
  • Meningococcal: until completely recovered
  • Mumps: until completely recovered
  • Whooping cough: until completely recovered
  • Scarlet Fever: no less than 3 days since start of treatment
  • Impetigo: until completely recovered
  • Lice: Until appropriate treatment given
  • Plantar warts: no exclusion should be treated and covered
  • Ringworm of scalp: until cured
  • Ringworm of body: until cured
  • Scabies:until completely recovered
  • Chest/respiratory infection:24 hrs
  • Ear infection:48 hrs
  • Eye disorder:48 hrs
  • Temperature: Managers discretion
  • Thrush: 24 hrs
  • Threadworm: 48 hrs
  • Slap cheek: until rash has dissapeared

If in doubt please contact the nursery, we wiill be happy to advise.