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Dietary needs

We have a healthy eating policy at the nursery. All meals are nutritious and are prepared daily, ensuring that they avoid large quantities of fat, sugar, salt, additives preservatives and colourings. Menus are modified regularly to ensure the best meal healthy options are available.

We do not store or reheat food and weekly menus are planned in advance.

We take advice from dieticians and follow the Food and Health guidelines for Early Years and Childcare Settings issued by the Welsh Government.

All diets are catered for eg vegetarian, dairy intolerance, coliac etc. Please inform us if yor child has an particular dietary requirements.

Children have a selection of fresh fruit and or vegetables in the morning and are encouraged to drink milk or water. Water is always available to the children. We provide full fat milk for children under two years and semi skimmed for children over two years.

Lunch Menu-Week One (examples)

Lunch Menu - Week Two

Tea Menu - Week One & Week Two