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EYFS Curriculum
Special needs

Special needs

Wriggles and Giggles is committed to the integration of children with special needs.

We believe that every child has a right to be educated and to develop to their full potential.

All staff have been trained in autisum awareness and have undertaken certified examination. Integration will be achieved with:



  • The nursery is all on one level
  • Wider doors available for wheelchairs

Support and expertise

  • We have a designated special Needs Coordinator
  • There are some staff who have experience in the care of special needs
  • Outside agencies including Health and Education Authorities will be called to give advice and support as required
  • Staff work closely to support parent/carer whilst providing day to day care for the child


We ensure that all children treated as individuals and encouraged to partake in every aspect of the day nursery and preschool activities wherever possible.


When trips are organised children with special needs are always included.


The 1996 Education Act states that all early education settings, state schools and Local Education Authorities together with Health and Social Services must follow the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice when dealing with children with SEN.


The Department for Education and Skills provides a comprehensive guide to the process that a child with SEN will pass through called:‘Special Educational Needs (SEN) a Guide for Parents and Carers’ and is available from  or

DFES Publications Centre

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