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Terms and conditions

Age of Admittance

0-5 year olds and up to 8 years old for afterschool club/ holiday club.

Hours of Opening

The nursery is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5.30pm All year round, except Bank holidays and some normal yearly closure dates. If you would require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The nursery is closed all Bank holidays. During the Christmas period the nursery will close at 1pm on Christmas eve.


The nursery reserves the right to refuse or accept children until the nursery has confirmed that the infection has disappeared. This is to protect all children attending the nursery.

If your child is suffering from a rash, sore throat, discharge from eyes/nose or diarrhoea or sickness please keep your child at home until the Doctor has confirmed that and infection has disappeared.

Delivery and Collection of children

Children must always be delivered by parents/carers into the care of the nursery staff and entered onto the attendance register.A personal introduction by the parents of anybody different collecting your child is welcomed.

Emergency Treatment

Any child who attends Wriggles and Giggles and has an accident will be given first aid treatment by staff who are first aid trained. This will include any bumps, cuts or bruises. Parents will be informed and requested to sign the accident book.

If the accident is more serious the emergency services will be called. You will be notified immediately.

Milk feeds and Nappies

Formula bottle feeds should be supplied prepared and labeled and brought to nursery each day where they will be stored at the correct temperature until required. Bottles will be rinsed and sent home each day for sterilisation. Parents are asked to provide nappies of their choice and labeled accordingly.

Clothing and Personal Property

The nursery does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any personal property brought each day. Parents are asked to dress their children in easily washable clearly labeled clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

Please dissuade your child from bringing any valuable items to nursery.

Child Protection

Any child who attends nursery has the right to be safe from any harm or abuse whilst in our care. It is our duty to seek advice or action from our local Social Services Department if we suspect any child is suffering any form of abuse. The nursery has a Child Protection Policy for perusal if required.


If you have a concern or complaint please inform the Nursery Manager as soon as possible.

Payment of Fees

Nursery fees are paid a month in advance. An invoice will be presented at the end of the month for the next months fees. Fees must be paid on the first Monday that they are due. You will incur a charge of £25 if payments are late.

Non Payment of Fees

Non payment of fees by the end of the month will result in termination of your childcare contract and loss of childcare place. Your details will be shared with a debt collection agency in the event of you leaving nursery with unpaid fees.


Wriggles and Giggles believes a child should grow up to respect the environment in which they live and the people around them.

The nursery has a written policy available to read on behaviour management. We set high expectations through encouraging and praising appropriate behaviour.

Under no circumstances are children shouted at, smacked or shaken, restrained, humiliated, intimidated, or threatened when at the nursery.

Off Premises Visits

Staff occasionally take the children on trips or visits off the premises in accordance with statutory staffing requirements.


It is important that all the information on the registration form you complete is correct and kept updated. If you have any difficulties completing the form please contact the nursery staff who will be happy to help you.

Termination of Contract

If you no longer wish to maintain your childs place at the nursery you will be required to give one calendar months notice in writing and full fees will be charged for that period. The Registered Provider has the right to exclude a child from the nursery for breach of contract.

Administration Charges

See under fees

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a childcare place requires one months written confirmation by either party. The only exception is failure to pay nursery fees which will result in immediate breach of contract and subsequent termination of childcare place.

Postponement Policy

If you postpone your start date at Wriggles and Giggles you will be required to pay a holding fee of 50% of your monthly invoice.

Criminal Records Bureau

All Wriggles and Giggles staff are fully cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau. This clearance lasts for 3 years however our staff are required to sign an annual disclaimer stating if there has been any change since their last clearance.